Because a quality home inspection can last a lifetime.


Starting or expanding a business that requires commercial property for manufacturing, storage or other business activities is an expensive proposition. In New York, where the business of business is one of the prime motors of the economy, commercial real estate is available at premium prices and with the voluminous amounts of building codes at both state and local level, business owners looking to purchase existing commercial real estate need to have the most comprehensive information about the condition of the site they are looking to buy.

A Comprehensive Commercial Real Estate Inspection visually observes and identifies the physical condition and surrounding site of deferred conditions for pre-acquisition and due diligence requirement. Each report includes components categorized according to the degree of the deficiency and/or current condition of the following

Our commercial inspection services will provide comprehensive reports with photographic documentation of all issues found so that clients can know all that is necessary to move forward with the capital investment that will represent the foundation of their business activities.